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“I found that I was more than male or female: I was also a writer; I was also a very strong person. I may not have a six-pack, but… I myself identify as male. And that was enough for me — to know that even though [my roommmate] wasn’t OK with who I was and my parents weren’t OK with who I was, that I was OK with who I was.”

Niko's college roommate never had a hard time calling Niko “he” — until Niko mentioned that he had once gone by different pronouns. The way that Niko handled this harassment may inspire you.

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outLoud’s internship programs give LGBTQ and ally youth the opportunity to create community, gain important skills for the workplace and for life, advocate for social justice and be paid for their work, all in a supportive and safe anti-oppressive environment.

  • In our Podcast and Youth Stories programs, 14–21-year-olds create broadcasts around their own experiences and interests.
  • In the Intergenerational Storytelling Project, a collaboration with Openhouse, youth join with elders to connect and share their stories with each other and the world.

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